The Great Khali

The Great Khali
The Punjab Giant
Weight420 lbs
FromThe jungles of Punjab, India
Show BrandSmackDown!
FinisherKhali Bomb

Hailing from India, The Great Khali stands at an impressive 7 foot 3 inches and weighs 420 pounds. This enormous monster has walked the jungles of India unafraid of pythons and wrestled White Bengal tigers. Daivari claimed that this Punjabi Warrior has "stared into the abyss and the earth trembled at his gaze" and it really wouldn't be a surprise if he did. The Giant Punjab is famous for introducing the match type Punjabi Prison where he was supposed to face The Undertaker in the first ever type of that match. However, he failed to compete and it resulted in The Undertaker facing Big Show instead.

Khali made an impressive debut in the WWE and became embroiled in a feud with The Undertaker. Khali is famous for his size and strength and has had many feuds with many high profile stars. Khali peaked in the WWE and has a World Championship reign under his belt as well as victories over many superstars including Batista, Kane and John Cena.

During his time in the WWE he has run wild over all three brands and has gone through two managers; Daivari and Runjiin Singh. Khali has dominated many of his opponents and has appeared at Wrestlemania facing Kane.

Now without Daivari and Singh The Great Khali is a loose cannon and is sure to make an even bigger impact in the WWE. Only two things can be certain, he knows how to hurt people and he knows the difference between Batista's head and a basketball.

WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2007™

The Great Khali in SmackDown! vs RAW 2007™

Khali is easy to play with, he dominates everyone who stands in his way. The best thing to do is grab your opponent and try and keep a hold of him by continually beating them into a pulp.

Your weakness is your speed, so this is the main reason you can't let your opponent get away. Their best chance in beating you, if they aren't a super-heavyweight, is to hit you with a weapon when the referee isn't looking or try and win by countout. If they are a super heavyweight then they can actually hit you with decent moves, but even so, your moveset is very good. If you work on the head, with simple big boots and DDTs, then hit them with the finisher, you can go for a pin and beat them very fast.

Khali is a great help for trying to unlock things like the Money in the Bank trophy, but like a lot of other people I think he's better to play against then to play with.

Strength: 10

Submission: 7

Durability: 9.5

Technique: 6

Speed: 5





WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2008™

Khali will slam anyone in his way down, with his giant palms. He's a Powerhouse and he's a Brawler. And he's among the strongest in the game. A giant on Rampage Mode is never good news; he will blast through his opponents with 0% chance of reversals for a small amount of time. He can trigger ultimate control strikes, and his fists of fury are unblockable. His fist chop deals incredible damage.

The Great Khali in SmackDown! vs RAW 2008™

Strength: 96

Submission: 85

Durability: 98

Technique: 69


Charisma: 68




WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2009™

Our Punjabi giant has a bit more stamina this time around, and keeps his strength at a maximum. He now holds the Vise Grip as a finishing move, and he can K.O. his opponents with enough brutality. Hammer Throw and Lock Pick are also part of his arsenal.

Strength: 95

Submission: 73

Durability: 83

Technique: 70

Speed: 65

Charisma: 65

Hardcore: 80



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