The Miz

The Miz

Because I'm The Miz and I'm awesome!
Weight230 lbs
FromParma, Ohio
Show BrandRaw
FinisherSkull Crushing Finale

The Miz began his wrestling career on SmackDown! on a high note, remaining undefeated for just over 3 months, picking up victories over the likes of Matt Hardy and Tatanka, before being handed his first defeat by the Boogeyman at Armaggedon 2006.

On June 17th, 2007 the Miz was drafted to the ECW brand. Since then, The Miz has began teaming with John Morrison and picked up the WWE Tag Team Championships, which have been held for 7 months. In 2010, The Miz won the United States Championship and later a Money In The Bank contract. The Miz recently lost the title to Daniel Bryan.

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009

Strength: 72

Speed: 88

Submission: 74

Charisma: 76

Durability: 77

Hardcore: 84

Technical: 79

Stamina: 80

Overall: 86

Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Grapple: 75

Strikes: 70

Durability: 80

Technical: 80

Submission: 80

Charisma: 90

Speed: 85

Overall: 89

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