Ultimo Dragon

Ultimo Dragon
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The Living Legend
Weight185 lbs
FinisherAsai DDT

Ultimo Dragon is a living legend and Japanese luchadore wrestler.

Debuting in 1987, Ultimo Dragon is a legend that many superstars of today such as Chris Jericho idolise and a legend that every fan of wrestling has to respect.

Dragon made his name primarily in the 80s and early 90s and captivated audiences around the world with feuds with Chris Jericho and an epic war against Rey Mysterio. He is widely considered on the of the best highflyers and technical wrestlers to have ever lived. Dragon has a hybrid of styles and moves, famous for his jaw dropping technical ability and brutal sounding kick combinations. Dragon is a major star in Japan and was a star in WCW long before he debuted in the WWE.

Dragon made his name in Mexico and Japan before coming to North America where he was featured mainly in World Championship Wrestling, once holding 12 titles at once. However he was injured and a botched operation forced him into retirement.

It was then Dragon became a trainer and would later open his Tourymon and Dragon Gate gyms. He would go on to train such renowned wrestlers as CIMA and Dragon Kid.

In 2003 Dragon debut in WWE fresh off the debut of Rey Mysterio. However he was never fully able to capture the fan support that Mysterio had gained. However, Dragon maintained a large fan base and would go on to wrestle in high profile matches such as the US Title Tournament where he was defeated by the eventuall winner Eddie Guerrero and The Crusierweight Championship match at Wrestlemania XX. Ultimo departed the company soon after on good terms despite his lack of push and funbled booking, he stated that his goal was never to win titles but to fufill his dream of "Competing at Madison Square Garden" a dream whichh WWE helped him fufill. It has been hinted that he may return sometime in the future for a final run, but for now at least the "Last" Dragon has far from had his Last Match.

Dragon has gone on to wrestle all around the world and is a feature for UWA: Hardcore Wrestling promotion which runs "Dragon's Gym", Ultimo Dragon's latest official training dojo. He has had high callibur matches within the company with the likes of Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Black Tiger.

During his WWE career he apppeared in just one Smackdown! game, the fifth WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain.

SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

This was the only WWE game to feature Ultimo Dragon due to his short stay with the company. However many moves were added for Ultimo, including his kicking combination and the Asai DDT. Dragon was availible to play in all the modes of the game and had his famous entrance available to use.


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