User:The hazard

The Hazard is a member of Neoseeker who is well liked. He's been very active in the roleplay scene, winning the WWE Championship as John Cena in WWE Game. He also won the TNW Championship as John Cena. He has also ran a number of games and threads on the site. If you don't like him then there is probably something really wrong with you.

In The Beginning

The Hazard was born on October 10th, his mother broke her tail bone via the force of his birth. He grew up in Canada with extreme ties to Philly, PA in the United States. He often catches flack for being Canadian, however he is really a Haitian Canadian. He isn't mocked because of that though, he's mocked because he disproves many theories about Canadians. Until the Hazard came along, everyone thought that Canadians didn't sleep. The Hazard disproves that by only signing on Msn when he is awake. His top Neofriends us to be people such as, DMW, Captain Charisma, Simply The Best, Iconic, Slim Jim, Guillotine, and Quirky Blah, and Jaffers. But he seems to of branched out...

Summing Up The Hazard

"Canadian", "Traitor", "Friend", "Brother", or whatever name you choose to call him.. There is no denying that the Hazard/Chris is a force to be reckoned with.

Original Page

"Black Canadian smells of cottage cheese :) Everyone loves him and if you don't, then you suck."