WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain


SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain
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Developer: YUKE's Future Media Creators
Publisher: THQ
Release date:
  • Europe November 7, 2003
  • USA October 27, 2003
  • Japan January 29, 2004
Genre: Professional Wrestling
Rating: (T) Teen
  • Single Player
  • MultiPlayer

Latest WWF SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain

Here Comes The Pain had rejuvenated the series in the eyes of many, many fans, and anticipation was unlike no other for Here Comes the Pain, a game that promised much and was slated to be the series' finest hour, with a brand new grappling system among the inclusions. THQ announced in April 2003 that they had been working on Here Comes The Pain even before the release of Shut Your Mouth, and the first pictures were released among details that the grapping system would be overhauled. Instead of the 4 moves one could pull, there were now four different stances (Power, Technical, Speed, Submission) that each had four moves, making it into 16.

This was also the first game to feature "WWE Legends" into the roster, thus starting a tradition that would follow suit with future SmackDown! titles.

The game also has a variety of match types. The Bra and Panties match, the First Blood match, and the Elimination Chamber make their debut in the series.

This was the last WWE SmackDown! title since WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role to not feature any commentary.

The game was released in October 2003 and it was critically hailed as one of the best games in the series, and rightfully so. The 65+ roster, impressive graphics and expanded Season Mode was rightfully praised. The game went on to sell millions and became one of the best selling sports-related games of its time.



Brock Lesnar in WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain.



Match Types

The Undertaker drags Steve Austin on his signature Harley Davidson in a Hardcore Match.

This is as simple as it gets. You are fighting another wrestler. There are two ways you can win. If you want to win by pin, stick to moves that damage the other wrestler's body and head. Once they turn orange and red, begin attempting to pin them. You can also win the single match by submission.

Here's the rundown: Each team has two wrestlers. Only one wrestler may be in the ring at a time (unless the match is a tornado match.) As a wrestler gets damaged, they will want to tag out so that a less-damaged wrestler can come in and fight. While a partner waits on the side of the ring, their Smackdown meter will rise on its own.

This is basically like any other match, depending on how many people are in it, but with one exception: weapons are abundant and legal. Press square to pick one up, X to bash an opponent with one, and circle to throw it.

Exactly what it says on the tin, no pinfalls, no submissions the only way to win is to make your opponent bleed.

Stripping pixelated women to their bra and panties... what more could you want?

This is a single match with an important change. Each of the two wrestlers has two friends outside of the ring. Much like managers, each lumberjack will attempt to grab the enemy of their ally while they are in the ring. Stay away from the edges where your enemies are lurking. If you get the opportunity, whip your opponent out of the ring near where one of your allies is. This will keep them out of the ring for awhile, allowing you to taunt them. They will also accumulate a bit of damage.

There are two types of cage matches. One can only be won by escaping the cage. The other can be won not only by esacping, but can also be won by pin or submission.

The ring is surrounded by a massive cage. Two wrestlers start out the match, and another wrestler is released from glass enclosures every minute. Each wrestler must be eliminated battle-royale style with a pin.

The ring is surrounded by a large cell. The match ends when an opponent has been pinned. You can exit the cell by running in to the door (triangle) to first break it. Then you can exit with triangle or square.

This is basically a Hardcore match. However, you must beat your opponent until they can no longer get up rather than pin them.

Very much like a Hardcore match. However, you can't win by pins or submission. The only way to win the match is to climb a ladder and grab the belt suspended from the top of the arena.


WWE Here Comes the Pain may go down in history for the most removed superstars of any game. Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, and The Ultimate Warrior were all originally on the roster. Hulk Hogan and his Alternate Attire Mr. America were removed when Hogan left the company. Jeff Hardy was seen in the earliest shots of the game be he as well was removed like Hogan. The Ultimate Warrior refused for his likeness to be in the game somewhere down the road and threatened to sue. Because of the threat he was removed.

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