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WWE SmackDown! vs RAW
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Developer: YUKE's Future Media Creators
Publisher: THQ
Release date:
  • USA November 2, 2004
  • United Kingdom November 12, 2004
Genre: Professional Wrestling
Rating: (T) Teen
  • Single Player
  • MultiPlayer

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Smackdown vs. RAW was the highly anticipated sequel to Here Comes the Pain. It was released in the Autumn of 2004 just in time for the holiday season, and on the whole upkept HCTP's playing style and easy controls, but fans were disappointed because it did not introduce much in the way of "new". The roster was updated and graphics improved somewhat, and the legends list also cleaned up, plus the re-introduction of Create A Pay-Per-View was a welcoming sight to many fans. Even though it was a good seller, a lot of fans felt disappointed at the lack of replay value, the game lost the exciting factor rather quickly.

This game is the sequel to 2003's WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain and was succeeded in 2005 by WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006.





Season Mode

The game is largely similar to its predecessor, but adds some key features. The most heavily marketed ones were the game's improved graphics with an increased polygon count and the game's addition of voice overs in Season mode provided by actual WWE performers (previous WWE games had used sampled wrestler voices sparingly). The latter feature was somewhat controversial for several reasons. The voice overs supplied are only for wrestlers that are not being controlled - the player's controlled wrestler spoke through subtitles. The addition of voice overs was also linked to the Season Mode being more linear than Here Comes the Pain. The storylines encountered are generally the same for each wrestler, with the only differences being the difference in opponents encountered, depending on which wrestler is chosen.

Match Types

This is as simple as it gets. You are fighting another wrestler. There are two ways you can win. If you want to win by pin, stick to moves that damage the other wrestler's body and head. Once they turn orange and red, begin attempting to pin them. You can also win the single match by submission.

Here's the rundown: Each team has two wrestlers. Only one wrestler may be in the ring at a time (unless the match is a tornado match.) As a wrestler gets damaged, they will want to tag out so that a less-damaged wrestler can come in and fight. While a partner waits on the side of the ring, their Smackdown meter will rise on its own.

This is basically like any other match, depending on how many people are in it, but with one exception: weapons are abundant and legal. Press square to pick one up, X to bash an opponent with one, and circle to throw it.

Exactly what it says on the tin, no pinfalls, no submissions the only way to win is to make your opponent bleed.

This is a single match with an important change. Each of the two wrestlers has two friends outside of the ring. Much like managers, each lumberjack will attempt to grab the enemy of their ally while they are in the ring. Stay away from the edges where your enemies are lurking. If you get the opportunity, whip your opponent out of the ring near where one of your allies is. This will keep them out of the ring for awhile, allowing you to taunt them. They will also accumulate a bit of damage.

There are two types of cage matches. One can only be won by escaping the cage. The other can be won not only by esacping, but can also be won by pin or submission.

The ring is surrounded by a massive cage. Two wrestlers start out the match, and another wrestler is released from glass enclosures every minute. Each wrestler must be eliminated battle-royale style with a pin.

The ring is surrounded by a large cell. The match ends when an opponent has been pinned. You can exit the cell by running in to the door (triangle) to first break it. Then you can exit with triangle or square.

This is basically a Hardcore match. However, you must beat your opponent until they can no longer get up rather than pin them.

Very much like a Hardcore match. However, you can't win by pins or submission. The only way to win the match is to climb a ladder and grab the belt suspended from the top of the arena.

New Additions

The Undertaker & Kane in a Stare Down Battle.

Several new gameplay features are introduced, including pre-match and in-match mini-games. The pre-match minigames are randomly chosen before every singles match:

  • Test of strength - a certain button shows up on the screen and the first player to press the button overpowers the other one. Best two out of three wins.
  • Stare down - the wrestlers talk trash to each other before the match and after a while, an "X" button picture appears. The first wrestler to press the button after that hits the other wrestler. Pressing the button too early will cause the wrestler to lose the stare down.
  • Shoving match - a wrestler initiates the match by pressing the X button when prompted, causing the wrestler to gently shove his opponent. A semi-circular meter appears and the player must stop the arrow at certain points of the meter to shove again with full power. If the player doesn't time the first shove correctly, the other player gets a turn to shove. Best two out of three shoves wins.
  • Online Play - The game also introduced the series first step into the relm of online play, allowing players from around the world to challenge each other in several match types.

Several in-game minigames were also introduced:

  • Chop battle - initiated by pressing down and the "O" button simultaneously while the opponent is in the corner. The mechanics are similar to the shoving match mini-game, with chops replacing the shoves. The addition of this mini-game replaced one grapple in each wrestler's corner position moveset.
  • Spanking mini-game - in bra and panties matchups, a female wrestler could enter a "spanking" mini-game. The meter mechanic from the chop battles are retained, but the player must perfectly time the button press three consecutive times to win. If the player does so, a cut scene of the two female wrestlers kissing is played.

Also added to the game was the Clean/Dirty system, which influenced each wrestlers tactics. Players can choose if the wrestler is clean, dirty or neutral. A clean or dirty wrestler has a meter that can be filled up by performing special clean/dirty actions or moves. Clean wrestlers with a full meter can enable a temporary rush of invincibility while dirty wrestlers can perform an illegal move. The ability to sustain a submission till the count of 5 once a rope break had been reached was also implemented.


  • "Bring the Noise" (Public Enemy & Anthrax)
  • "Firefly" (Breaking Benjamin)
  • "Polyamorous" (Breaking Benjamin)
  • "The Angle" (Core)
  • "Last Night on Earth" (Powerman 5000)
  • "Riot Time" (Powerman 5000)
  • "The Way It Is" (Powerman 5000)
  • "When World's Collide" (also theme for game)(Powerman 5000)
  • "Bonecracker" (Shocore)
  • "Superstars" (Styles of Beyond)
  • "Bottom Line" (Swollen Members)
  • "Chasing After" (Tantric)
  • "Can't Stop" (PreThing)
  • "Alone" (Zebrahead)
  • "Falling Apart" (Zebrahead)


  • Stone Cold Steve Austin was absent from this game due to him leaving the company. He was also absent in the games WWE Day of Reckoning and WWE Wrestlemania 21. His moves, entrance and taunts, however, are all in the games.
  • The British Bulldog was originally scheduled to appear in the game as a Legend. Negotiations fell through though and he was removed.

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