WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2008


SmackDown! vs RAW 2008
  • YUKE's Future Media Creators
  • Amaze Entertainment (DS)
Publisher(s): THQ
Release dates:
Europe November 9, 2007

USA November 13, 2007
Australia November 13, 2007
Japan February 21, 2008

Genre: Professional Wrestling
Rating: (T) Teen
  • Single Player
  • MultiPlayer
  • Online Multiplayer

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After WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007, THQ did a great job of creating a hype for SmackDown vs RAW 2008 with promise of brand new features such a 24/7 Mode, various Fighting Styles and the welcome return of the King of the Ring tournament. However when the game was released in November 2007 it didn't take long for the fans to realise that the gameplay was very similar to the previous game, the creative team behind the 9th installment in the SmackDown series had put so much focus on finding new ways to enhance the game to a point where they put little effort into areas which could have done with a major improvement like the A.I. and move animations. Overall the game felt rushed, the Benoit family tragedy dealt a major blow to developers who had to remove all traces of Chris Benoit leaving major gaps in 24/7 Mode and costing them valuable time.

On the plus side the game was fantastic in terms of graphics and online play allowed wrestling fans to test their abilities against the world. Also the SmackDown! debut of such wrestlers as CM Punk and MVP, plus the return of Jeff Hardy was a welcome sight to the huge fan base of the Hardcore, High-flyer.






Hall of Fame Mode

Hall of Fame Mode - A guide to help you successfully complete all Challenges and information on what you can unlock.

New Improvements

Each wrestler now has two fighting style categories, one primary and one secondary. Each fighting style has its advantages and disadvantages in each particular match type. There are eight styles altogether: high-flyer, hardcore, submission artist, powerhouse, showman, brawler, dirty and technical. The wrestler's special move, however, is based solely on their primary style. In addition, creative manager of THQ Cory Ledesma stated early in production that he planned on having numerous wrestler animations redone.

A new "struggle submission system" has been introduced, incorporating more analog control into the game. The player executing the submission can now decide how much pressure is applied by moving the analog stick in a particular direction. Similarly, the player locked in a submission hold will have to power out also by using the analog stick.

Match Types

Undertaker Chokeslam's Triple H from the Top.

Singles - The traditional 1 on 1 match between two superstars in the ring. Victory is achieved by the following means: Pinfall, Submission, Knockout, Count-Out or Disqualification. If you go to match Rules, you can change some of these factors as to not count (Turn DQ, Count-Out, Submission off). To help you, you can have a manager at ringside OR you can call for interference from your fellow members in a stable.

Tag Team - The traditional 2 on 2. Things are obviously more hectic in this match since there are four men involved, and each team can also have a manager. Methods of victory are the same as for Singles. Rules can be changed, and Normal Tag asks for only two men (legal) in the ring at any one time. You may tag your partner by going up to them and pressing the R1 button.

Tornado Tag - The UNtraditional 2 on 2 - basically, there's no tagging. All 4 men are legal and in the ring beating the living daylights out of each other. A much more hectic atmosphere. All other rules generally apply here.

6-Man Tag - Up the stakes. 3 on 3. There are no real differences between this and 2 on 2 tag. This type also features Tornado or Normal depending on what you want.

Elimination Tag - It's not enough to defeat just one of your opponents, to win this match you must eliminate all members on the opposite team. Variations of this match include Tornado Tag, 6-Man Tag and Table Tornado Tag.

Triple Threat - The old saying "Three's a Crowd" sums this match up perfectly, three people in the ring at once, first to get the pin or submission wins the match.

Fatal Four Way - Same rules as a Triple Threat match, except now there's 4 people in the ring at once, feeling lucky?

Handicap Match - This isn't the ideal situation for any player unless you are on the handicapping team. Basically, these matches involve one wrestler taking on two or three others at once. Hence the Handicap name. You may choose One on Two - One guy against two others in the ring at the same time, One on Tag - You against a tag team (Normal tag rules apply), One on Three - One wrestler against THREE wrestlers at once and Tag on Trio - Same rules as the One on Three but now you have the chance to tag in an opponent if the beating gets too bad. You may be that lone soldier or the handicapping team.

King of the Ring - The biggest and most prestigious tournament in WWE history makes his long-awaited return. Deal it out against various superstars in order to win and be labeled as the king!

Royal Rumble - Two men start in the ring. After 10 seconds, another man enters. This continues until there are six men in the ring max. Instead of eliminating someone by pin fall or submission like a normal match, you eliminate them by using ring out meter. Although the Rumble is 30 men by default, Options of 10, 15, 20, and 25, men can be chosen.

Backstage Brawl - Chairs and sledgehammers not satisfy your lust for brutality? Then take the action backstage and destroy your opponent with anything you can get your hands on. The 3 different areas available are Parking Lot Brawl, Bar Room Brawl and Backstage Brawl.

Battle Royal - Either 4, 5 or 6 men in the ring at once, your aim is to make sure you're the last man in the ring. You can win the match by Pinfall or Submission, or you can select the Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to get a mini Royal Rumble feel.

Buried Alive Match - It may be called a Buried Alive match but it's more of a Casket Match, your aim is to beat you opponent senseless then throw him in a Casket, after you close the Casket lid on your opponent a cut scene will trigger showing your opponent getting buried under a truck full of gravel.

Elimination Chamber - 6 men are involved in this brutal match, 2 start in the ring while the other 4 start in pods surrounding the ring, a different pod is opened every 2 minutes until all 6 men are in the ring.

First Blood - Exactly what it says on the tin, no pinfalls, no submissions the only way to win is to make your opponent bleed.

Hardcore - Ever heard of anarchy? That's basically this match. You and your opponent(s) can go anywhere and use anything in weapons to your advantage. Victory is achieved by Pinfall, Submission or KO, and that's it. DQ's off and Count-Out doesn't apply. it's ECW, basically.

Hell in a Cell - One of the WWE's most brutal matches. Opponents do battle in a 20 foot high enclosed cell, and victory is only achieved by pinfall or submission - ANYWHERE! There ARE no other rules - brutalize your opponent in the hellacious cell or go outside, climb the cell and do battle on the top of the cell. If you want real damage, toss your opponent off the cell. Variations include Single - 1 on 1, Tornado Tag - 2 on 2 or Armageddon - 6 men in one cell.

Ironman - One of the most physically challenging matches in history, the Ironman match is a test of strength and endurance. The goal is to get as many pinfalls, submissions, knockouts, count-outs or Disqualifications against your opponent by the time runs out. You can choose 10, 20, 30, or even 60 minutes of nothing but fighting.

Ladder Match - One of the most entertaining and different matches in WWE History, the Ladder Match is a spectacle in deed. A belt hangs high in the air, and using a ladder, a competitor has to obtain it by grabbing it off. The problem? There are other people wanting to do the same thing.

Last Man Standing - One of the most brutal matches there are, it's about as nasty as the I Quit Match. One on One, and the point here is to beat your opponent so bad, he cannot revive within ten seconds, as counted by the referee. You can use anything and any move you want to brutalize your opponent. There are no rules.

Special Referee - What happens when your enemy becomes the special referee? Uh-oh. You or a computer can take control of the referee in this unique match, it can be done in a variety of environments with one or two special referees arguing to make the decision. The referee in this case can attack anyone and DQ or Count-Out whomever they want to, or choose not to. A potentially easy or unfair match depending on the situation by far. Controls can be seen in Advanced.

Cage Match - Basically a normal match, with a 16 foot steel cage around you. There are two styles of playing. Escape Only or Pinfall/Submission. Escaping the cage (See Controls Page) is the only way to win in Escape only, but in Pinfall/Submission, you can escape OR pin or make your opponent(s) tap out.

Submission - The goal here is to make your opponent submit and tap out. A Singles Submission match ends when the first person taps out, and Ultimate Submission, also selectable is most submissions within a set time period. (10, 20, 30 minutes, etc.)

Table - Put your opponent through a wooden table, ouch. As you can guess, this is exactly how the match ends. There are variations such as triple threat, fatal four way and tornado tag. Announcer tables DO NOT count.

TLC - Tender Loving Care? No way. Tables, Ladders and Chairs, and this is what you'll have access to in this hectic and crazy match. Otherwise, all Ladder rules apply.

Money in the Bank - 6 men, 2 ladders and a briefcase hanging above the ring. It's a match you either love for it's hectic fast paced action or you hate it for the extreme frustration you can experience trying to win it.

ECW Extreme Rules - Two words: anything goes. This is vintage ECW material for you. You choose the weapons, you choose the way - no matter how original and destructive it may be - to destroy your opponent. This year, ECW is featured into the SmackDown! series, and this match will help leave its mark.

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