WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role


WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role
Developer: YUKE's Future Media Creators
Publisher: THQ
Release date:
  • USA November 21st 2000
  • Europe January 1st 2001
Genre: Professional Wrestling
Rating: Teen
  • Single Player
  • MultiPlayer

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The second installment to the franchise was a big improvement since its previous. With enhanced Season Mode, Create Modes, Backstage Areas and new match types such as Hell in a Cell, this game is a classic to say the least.

Released in November of 2000, just when wrestling was in its prime, this game was certainly one of the best available for the PSX. This game was also the last wrestling game in the Smackdown! series to be released on the PSX, as the sequel to this game was available exclusively on the PS2.



The arsenal of moves available increased in this game (such as The Rock's spine buster and sharpshooter), expanded to accompany not only superstars in the game but also those not in the game. Move sets of superstars from other wrestling promotions such WWF,ECW,AWA & WCW promotions could be used for created superstars. In terms of game play, wrestlers have more striking moves with the inclusion of moves made by combining the X button with a horizontal and a vertical arrow button. Double team moves in tag team matches were also a new inclusion as well, and could be pulled off by placing an opponent in your partner's corner and making a turnbuckle move. However, this made double team moves impossible in Tornado Tag matches.

The entrance style of wrestlers from the previous game still existed in WWF Smackdown! Although more entrance movies were added, they still appeared in front of a superstar's Titan-Tron video. Such criticisms for the game included wrestlers getting straight up after a move or jumping off a ladder and missing their opponent. The game also included a lot of glitches such as walking on air.


Match Types

WWF SmackDown! 2 allowed you to take the action out of the ring and into the streets.

Singles Match - The most straightforward match, just a simple one-on-one.

Tag Match - Four Wrestlers (two teams of two) are in the match, but only two fight at a time until someone tags in their partner.

Handicap Match - This can either be a One on Two match, A One on Tag match or a One on Three match. This match is definatly against all odds.

Battle Royal - Fight against three other wrestlers until only one of them are left standing. Elimination rules.

Royal Rumble - Forget fighting against just a few guys, this match puts you against 29 other men. The only way to be out the match is to go over the top rope and have both feet touch the floor. Two men will start out and after some intervals of time, more will join in the ring.

King of the Ring - An 8 Man Tournament built up of singles matches, until there is only one winner who shall be crowned, king of the ring. In addition to singles matches, you can also have a Special Tournament which uses gimmick matches such as Casket and Ladder.

Hardcore Match - Anything goes in this match. The wrestlers will bring thier signature weapon to the ring and hope to completly destroy thier opponent. You can have Singles, Tornado Tag matches, or just any of the more basic matches. You can even have a Time Limit Title match where you have to try and keep your belt throughout the time limit. If someone pins you, there still may be time to pin them back!

Anywhere Fall - Forget the ring, this match can end anywhere.

Steel Cage - The ring is surrounded by a huge steel cage and the only way to win is to escape.

Casket - Get thrown in a casket and the match is over. Simple.

Hell in a Cell - Like a Cage Match, only you can be thrown through it!

Survival Match - This can be a three or four man dance, commonly known as a triple threat or a fatal four way. Only way to win is by pin or submission, but it's harder than it sounds when there is another person in the equation.

Special Referee - Any wrestler can put on the black and white shirt and take charge in the referee position.

I Quit - Dare you say the words 'I quit' infront of everyone in the arena?

Ironman - In 15 Minutes, see who can get most falls and submissions between you and your opponent.

Ladder Match - Climb the ladder, grab the belt, and have your arm raised in victory.

Table - First person to go through the wooden table looses the match.

Slobberknocker - This is only for single players, as you must see how many different people you can beat within the timelimit.

TLC - Tables, and Ladders, and Chairs? Oh my!


The Season Mode was modified in this game. Along with removing the pre-season mode from the original, Know Your Role gave more storylines and more matches per show. These changes were given a mixed reaction, some proclaiming the bigger variety of storylines in the game. although there were some flaws in the Season Mode, such as skipped matches being fought between two battling meters. Another issue was the long loading times needed for even the most insignificant scenes, such as a wrestler walking down a corridor. However, the Season Mode is multiplayer, with up to four players playing as superstars in a Season.

  • Create A Superstar & Create A Taunt

The Create-A-Superstar mode improved greatly from its predecessor. Taking ideas from WWF Attitude, fans could now put more detail into the superstars such as facial features and attire. The original head, upper and lower body mode from the original could still be used in this game as well. A new Create-A-Taunt feature was also added in which you can create a new taunt for your superstars.


  • Ken Shamrock, Jeff Jarrett, Goldust, Earl Hebner, and The Big Show were originally scheduled to be in the game. Ken Shamrock were removed for reasons that are unknown, also The Big Show also made rare appearences in Exhibition modes Royal Rumble as "Unknown" complete with his theme song. Jeff Jarrett and Goldust both left WWF for WCW before the game came out, but their character parts are unlockable in CAW mode.
  • The Create a Wrestlers in Season Mode that injury your opponent are based off several known wrestlers. By defeating the wrestlers based on such Wrestlers as Goldberg, Ric Flair, and Kevin Nash you unlock move set's and Caw parts.

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